University Senate Meeting Agenda, 9/1/2020

Tuesday, September 1, 2020, 3:00-5:00 pm, Virtual Meeting ID: 970 9341 9142


1.        Announcement of Proxies

2.        Approval of and Adoption of Agenda

3.        Approval of Minutes from the Meeting of May 5, 2020

4.        Reports, Announcements, and Communications of the Chair

                    i.   Written report

5.        Reports of Standing Committees, Statewide Senators, and Ex-officio Members

                    i.   Written reports

                    i.   Committees Chairs - Introduce Priority and Meeting Time

6.        Consent Calendar from the Integrated Curriculum Committee

                    i.   Instructions for Accessing Curriculog

7.        General Consent Calendar - No items

8.        TIME CERTAIN: 3:15-3:30 PM – Open Forum for the Campus Community

                    i.   Open Forum Procedures 

9.         Discussion Item: Campus Policing Action Updates and Q&A 

        • Police Chief Search (VP Gordon) w Search Committee Roster
        • Collaborations & Actions in Motion (Police Chief Lofthouse)
        • University Policy Committee Leadership (Senator Keever)
        • University Resources & Planning Committee Leadership (Senator Woglom)

10.        Discussion Item: University Budget Update and Q&A

        • URPC on the President’s Charge and Process (Senator Woglom)
        • Budget Presentation, Amber Blakeslee, HSU Budget Director 

11.        Resolution on Voting Rights on the Senate Executive Committee 

              (01-20/21-EX - September 1, 2020 - First Reading)

12.        Resolution on Grading Policy, Fall 2020 (02-20/21-ICC - September 1, 2020 - First Reading)

13.        Faculty Session: Confirmation of Faculty Appointments:

        • General Faculty Representative to the ASCSU (Statewide Senate) for Fall 2020 semester 
        • General Faculty Representative to the Sponsored Programs Foundation Board for Fall 2020 semester. (Confirmation moves candidate name to HSU President for final approval.)
        • Interim Chair of the GEAR Subcommittee of the ICC for Fall 2020 semester