Calendar of Senate Committees' Meetings

Spring 2022

Please contact the Committee Chairs for meeting links/invitations.


  • Senate Executive Committee (SenEx)
    • SenEx meets every other Tuesday, alternating with the full University Senate, from 3-5pm.
  • Academic Policies Committee (APC)
    • APC meets Mondays at 3pm
  • Appointments and Elections Committee (AEC)
    • AEC meets Fridays as needed from 10:30am-11:00am.
  • Constitution and Bylaws Committee (CBC)
    • CBC meets every other Wednesday from 3:00-4:00pm, via zoom.
  • Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC)
    • FAC meets Mondays at 11am.

      Meeting ID: 897 5015 6825
      Passcode: 519704

  • Integrated Curriculum Committee (ICC)
    • ICC meets as a full committee on alternate Tuesdays from 9:00am to 11:00am
    • (Note: ICC subcommittees do not meet at shared times; please contact CDC Chair Lucy Kerhoulas and GEAR Chair Lisa Tremain should you have any questions)
  • University Policies Committee (UPC)
    • UPC meets bi-weekly Wednesdays (weekly as needed)
  • University Space and Facilities Advisory Committee (USFAC)
    • USFAC meets bi-weekly on Fridays, beginning February 18, 2022 from 11am to 12pm.
  • University Resources and Planning Committee (URPC)
    • URPC meets bi-weekly Fridays (weekly as needed) from 1pm-2:30pm. 
      • The Polytechnic Budget Working group meets from 1-2pm on the URPC off weeks
    • Please contact the Committee Co-Chairs, Provost Capps and Jim Woglom for the zoom link