Academic Policies Committee (APC)

Membership of APC

ChairElectedNicole Jean HillArt + Film2024
FacultyAppointedJulie AldersonArt + Film2024
FacultyAppointedFrank CappuccioChemistry2024
FacultyAppointedTyler EvansMathematics2025
StaffAppointedHarrelle DeshazierUmoja Center2025
StudentAppointedVacantAssociated Students
StudentAppointedVacantAssociated Students
AVP of Academic ProgramsEx-OfficioMark Wicklund (designee)Academic ProgramsOngoing
RegistrarEx-OfficioJennifer Robinson ReisingerOffice of the RegistrarOngoing

Membership Information


  • Chair: Faculty Senator
  • Elected Members:
  • Appointed Members:
    • 4 Faculty by AEC
    • 1 Staff Senator by AEC
    • 1 Student by A.S. (2 Students)
  • Ex-Officio Members:
    • Associate Vice President for Academic Programs and Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Programs (or designee)
    • Registrar (or designee)


  • 1 year for Chair Elected Annually by the Senate, as the Third Officer of the Senate
  • 3 years for Appointed and elected members
  • 1 year for Students


  • Develops and maintains the academic policies of the University. Receives requests and agenda items from the Integrated Curriculum Committee (ICC), the University Senate, APC members and other university community members; works with the ICC to prioritize items; vets changes and proposals through the ICC with recommendations forwarded to the Senate.

Important Information