Senate Executive Committee (SenEx)

Chair of SenateEx-OfficioJim WoglomDepatment of Art + Film2025
Vice Chair of SenateEx-OfficioTim MillerUniversity Library2024
Third Officer of SenateEx-OfficioNicole Jean HillArt + Film2024
Immediate Past Senate ChairEx-OfficioMonty MolaDepartment of Physics & Astronomy 2024
Co-Chair of URPCEx-Officio Jaime Lancaster, (Spring 2024, Interim, Monty Mola)School of Business2025
Chair of ICCEx-OfficioJill AndersonSchool of Applied Health2024
Chair of UPCEx-OfficioChristopher HarmonDepartment of Chemistry2024
General Faculty Representative to ASCSUEx-OfficioStephanie BurkhalterDepartment of PoliticsOngoing
Provost and Vice President for Academic AffairsEx-OfficioJenn Capps Office of Academic AffairsOngoing
CFA Chapter PresidentEx-OfficioMarisol RuizDepartment of PhilosophyOngoing
President of Local Labor CouncilEx-OfficioSteve TillinghastDepartment of GeologyOngoing
Staff SenatorEx-OfficioMichelle MiyamotoCollege of Natural Resources and SciencesOngoing
President, Associated Students Ex-OfficioSamuel ParkerAssociated StudentsOngoing

Membership Information


  • Chair: Chair of Senate 
  • Elected Members:
  • Appointed Members:
    • 1  Staff Senator (selected annually by and from the three current staff senators)
  • Ex-Officio Members:

    • Chair, Senate (who shall be the Chair of the Executive Committee)
    •  Vice Chair, Senate (who shall be the Chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee)
    • Third Officer, Senate (who shall be the Chair of the Academic Policies Committee)
    •  Immediate Past Chair, Senate (for 1 year following term as chair)
    • Chair, Integrated Curriculum Committee
    • Faculty Co-Chair, University Resources and Planning Committee (URPC)
    • Chair, University Policies Committee (UPC)
    • 1  General Faculty Representative to the ASCSU (usually the senior senator)
    •  Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs (who shall be the Co-Chair of URPC)
    • President (or designee), Associated Students
    • President, HSU Chapter of the California Faculty Association
    • Delegate, HSU Labor Council


  • Per Term of Seat 
  • 1 year, Staff 


  • Performs the administrative functions of the University Senate

Important Information

Important Information

Meetings: The SenEx meets every two weeks, alternately with the Senate. 

Spring 2024:  

  • Days: Tuesdays 
  • Time: 3pm - 5pm
  • Location: NHE 106

Governing Documents:

Committee Documents & Tools