University Senate Guiding Documents

Parliamentary Procedures Quick Guide - American Institute of Parliamentarian's Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure

Governing & Administrative Bodies, Acronyms and Leadership

Governing Documents:

University Senate Standing Rules Updated: 10/2013

Constitution of the University Senate of HSU (Appendix F, Part 1, HSU Faculty Handbook) Updated: 11/2018

Bylaws and Rules of Procedure, University Senate of HSU (Appendix F, Part 2, HSU Faculty Handbook) Updated: 9/2020

The Constitution of the General Faculty of HSU (Appendix E) defines membership in the General Faculty and provides a vehicle for the faculty to fulfill the responsibilities of participation in governance as articulated in the AAUP "Statement on Governance of Colleges and Universities" (1990). Updated: 05/2020

Faculty Handbook - A complete copy with breakdown by sections and appendices.