Committee on Faculty RTP Criteria and Standards

Sarita Ray ChaudhuryFaculty (CPS)2022
Yvonne EverettChair / Faculty (CNRS)2021
Ben MarschkeFaculty (CAHSS)2023
Whitney OgleFaculty (CPS)2021
Sondra SchwetmanFaculty (CAHSS)2021
Tyler EvansFaculty (CNRS)2022
Rosamel Benevides-GarbAssc. Dean (CAHSS) 
Shawna YoungDean (CPS) 
Dale OliverDean (CNRS) 
Simone AloisioAssociate Vice President for Faculty Affairs 
RTP C&S Report; presented to the Senate Executive Committee, September 11, 2018
1 Dean (or designee) from each College
6 Faculty with tenure (at least 1 from each College, with preference given to faculty with experience at the UFPC or CPC level) (appointed by the AEC in consultation with the University Faculty Personnel Committee)
Ex-Officio:  Senior Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs and Human Resources
Terms of appointment shall be 3 years.
Duties:  To provide a mechanism for approval of department/unit criteria and standards and to provide a mechanism for the revision of existing approved standards. To ensure department/unit criteria and standards are in alignment with university standards and criteria as specified in Appendix J and that criteria and standards are not overly complex or prone to misinterpretation.  (Senate Resolution #37-11/12-FAC and Senate Resolution #01-13/14-FAC)
Chair: Faculty member of the committee, selected by the committee
Type: Administrative
Meetings: As needed
Faculty Appointment/Election by:  Appointments and Elections Committee