General Faculty

Faculty Officers
Jim Woglom, President2025 - Ex-OfficioDepartment of Art + Film
Tim Miller, Vice President2025 - Ex-OfficioUniversity Library
William Fisher, Secretary/Treasurer2025 - Ex-OfficioDepartment of Economics


"The purpose of the General Faculty [organization] is to assure that the collective knowledge, experience, and judgment possessed by the members shall be as fully utilized as possible in providing students with educational opportunities, in developing university policies and procedures, and in fostering a spirit of unity and cooperation among its members" (Constitution of the General Faculty of Humboldt, Section 1.2).


  • The officers of the General Faculty shall be:
    • The Chair of the University Senate, who shall serve ex-officio as the Presiding Officer of the General Faculty.
    • The Vice Chair of the University Senate, who shall serve ex-officio as the Second Officer of the General Faculty.
    • The faculty Co-Chair of the University Resources and Planning Committee, who shall serve ex-officio as the Treasurer of the General Faculty.
  • Full-time faculty unit employees ((including tenured faculty, probationary faculty, lecturers, librarians, counselors and coaches) (Voting)
  • Part-time faculty unit employees (including lecturers, librarians, counselors, coaches, and rehired annuitants) holding at least a one-year appointment with a time base averaging at least .40 of full time (Voting)
  • FERP faculty (Voting)
  • Administrators with academic retreat rights (voting)
  • Professors emeriti who are neither rehired annuitants fitting the conditions of section 2.12 nor FERP faculty (nonvoting)

Relationship to the University Senate

The General Faculty exercises its responsibilities to formulate, review, and recommend academic policies for the university to the President and other appropriate agents through its elected delegates to the University Senate.

General Faculty Dues

Make a Payment

We encourage faculty to make a donation appropriate to their financial circumstances and earnings.  For instance, a full-time faculty member should consider giving $20; whereas, a part-time faculty member may want to give $5.  
  • Full-time faculty (tenure-track or lecturer faculty,  librarians, coaches, and counselors) - $20.00
  • Retired full-time faculty (emeritus, FERP faculty in residence) - $10.00
  • Part-time faculty (lecturer faculty and other part-time faculty appointments) - $5.00

The General Faculty reserve fund covers expenses associated with faculty social events and recognition of collegial events (retirements, illnesses, bereavement, etc.).

The General Faculty treasury needs to be replenished every year and the General Faculty officers encourage faculty to pay their dues as soon as possible.

Humboldt Faculty Handbook

Faculty Handbook - The Humboldt Faculty Handbook contains general information, policies and procedures for the campus. The Handbook is maintained by the Office of Academic Affairs and periodically updated by the appropriate offices on campus.  The University Senate Office is responsible for Sections 400, 800, 900 and Appendices A, B, E, F, J, P, and U. The Office shares responsibility for Section 500 and Appendices K, M, and W.  If you have questions or corrections to any of the sections, please let the Office know.

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