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Support for Black Lives Matter statements, by

Humboldt State University Emeritus and Retired Faculty & Staff Association (HSU ERFSA)


Police violence against Black people in our country has resulted in a number of ways to support the #BlackLivesMatter (https://blacklivesmatter.com/) initiative. At Humboldt State University, colleges, departments, and the HSU University Senate Executive Committee have issued statements in support of efforts to change our social and police behaviors towards Black people. (https://senate.humboldt.edu/SupportBlackLives) HSU ERFSA uniformly supports these efforts. In particular, we are pleased to learn that the University Senate will focus this coming academic year on discussions and actions that will improve the futures of Black students, plus work within the campus to increase the number of tenure-line faculty of color. Given the increasing student diversity of HSU, this is an important and critical endeavor. We encourage all of the HSU ERFSA members to support these efforts. The HSU ERFSA leadership will work within our membership to promote efforts to ensure that students, faculty, staff, and community members of color will be accepted and successful in our community.

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All Humboldt State University retirees who are CALPERS annuitants, and such other who have been accorded faculty status, are eligible for membership in this Association, as well as encouraged to become members in the CSU Emeritus and Retired Faculty and Staff Association. Information on membership in CSU-ERFSA, retirement planning, and a newsletter are available at: https://csuerfsa.org/.

Emeritus status is conferred upon retired tenured faculty members in good standing by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Emeritus faculty have the same rights as active faculty members in the use of University facilities and attendance at University functions. These rights include: library borrowing privileges, access to the University computer system (including maintenance of an email account and *web page), application to and through the HSU Sponsored Programs Foundation for grant support, and others as provided in Section 540 of the HSU Faculty Handbook.

*See Instructions on How to Establish a Personal, Non-Instructional Web Site at HSU


HSU-ERFSA meets for luncheon programs on the second Thursday of the month, September-December, and February-May. See ERFSA Luncheons for more information.


The HSU Emeritus & Retired Faculty & Staff Association also accepts applications for cash awards to support the professional development of junior faculty who have demonstrated outstanding promise. These awards, which are intended to supplement other assistance, are open to lecturers and tenure track faculty. See the Faculty Awards page for more information.


Parking: The following change to the parking policy was made 6/5/09: Pursuant to direction from the HSU President, HSUPD/Parking will issue to requesting emeritus HSU faculty a parking permit granting that individual member the special privilege of parking a vehicle in certain designated campus parking lots without charge. Before issuing the permit, HSUPD/Parking shall confirm the retired faculty member's status as "emeritus."

2020/2021 HSU-ERFSA Coordinating Committee 

Marshelle Thobaben

Representative to the CSU ERFA State Council & HSU ERFSA Representative to the HSU University Senate; ERFSA Co-Chair

Kenneth Fulgham, Treasurer, Representative to the CSU ERFSA State Council; ERFSA Co-Chair


Bernadette Cheyene, Program Chair

Rollin Richmond, Previous Committee Chair

Jeff Borgeld, Membership Chair

Susan Dobie, Communication Specialist

James Floss, Committee Member

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Administrative Support Coordinator: Mary Watson