Professional Leave Committee

Leena DallashehFaculty2022
Joice ChangFaculty2022
Laurie RichmondFaculty2021
Anne PauletFaculty


Daniela MinevaFaculty2021
Membership: Five members of the tenured faculty, elected in a General Faculty election by probationary and tenured faculty, for two‑year, staggered terms.
Duties: The committee reviews sabbatical leave applications and considers questions related to the quality of the proposed sabbatical project.  In this context, quality is defined as the potential of the sabbatical project to benefit the CSU or the profession through activities which include, but are not limited to, research, scholarly and creative activity, instructional improvement and faculty retraining.  Quality also includes the thoroughness, specificity and clarity of the proposal in responding to application criteria.  It is intended that the committee serve as an advocate in facilitating the professional development of HSU faculty, and will therefore conduct its evaluative review and make its recommendations in the spirit of collegial support and with respect for differences among disciplines.  The committee shall forward all proposals to the appropriate administrator.  These proposals shall be identified as highly recommended, recommended, or not recommended. The committee also conducts a continuing study of leave policy and recommends appropriate changes to the Academic Senate.  All application materials, supporting documents, sabbatical leave policy studies and/or proposed changes to the committee functions or activities shall be consistent with this charge.  (CBA 27)
Chair: Elected from membership
Type: Administrative
Meetings: As needed during the fall and spring terms