Planning Committee for Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities (PCRSC)

Kacie FlynnChair, Interim Director HSU Sponsored Programs  
C.D. HoyleFaculty, CNRS2022
Christopher WalmsleyFaculty, CPS2021
Carly MarinoFaculty, University Library2022
Jennifer BrownFaculty, CAHSS2021
Membership: One elected faculty representative from each College and one elected representative from the University Library.  (Terms shall be for two years.)
Duties: Reviews and selects proposals/applications submitted by faculty and students for various research related competitions on campus. This committee is primarily responsible for reviewing and awarding applications for three main awards:

∙           Research Scholarship Creative Activity Awards (RSCA)

∙           CSU Student Research Competition

∙           McCrone Graduate Student Fellowship & Faculty Scholars Award

Performs other duties when above listed funds are not available or alternative funds are allocated for disbursement. *Please note, faculty elected to this committee are not eligible to submit applications (during their two year term) for competitions which they are responsible for reviewing.

Chair: Executive Director, HSU Sponsored Programs Foundation
Type: Administrative
Meetings: Annually (approximately one meeting in the fall semester, two meetings in the spring semester)