Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Committee (IAAC)





Jane TeixeiraDirector, Athletics (Non-Voting) 
Justus OrtegaChair, Kinesiology & Recreation Administration (Non-Voting) 
 University President's Designee 
Jeffry BorgeldFaculty Athletics Representative, Professor Emeritus, CNRS 
VacantChair, Student Athlete Advisory (Non-Voting)2022
VacantStudent Athlete Representative2018
Vincent BiondoFaculty Representative2022
Jill PawlowskiFaculty Representative2021
Mark WicklundFaculty Representative2021
VacantAthletic Coach Representative2022
VacantCommunity Representative2021
Stephen St.OngeStudent Affairs Representative2022
Carl HansenAcademic Affairs Representative2022
Sandy WieckowskiAdministrative Affairs Representative2022
Three faculty members, selected in consultation with the Senate Executive Committee (2-year terms)
One student-athlete, selected in consultation with the Associated Students (1-year term)
One athletic coach representative, selected by the head coaches (2-year term)
One staff member or administrator from Student Affairs (2-year term)
One staff member or administrator from Academic Affairs (2-year term)
One staff member or administrator from Administrative Affairs (2-year term)
One community member (2-year term)
One Faculty Athletics Representative
HSU President or an administrative representative of the President (The representative could include a staff member or administrator from Academic Affairs)
Nonvoting Members:
Director, Athletics
Chair, Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (or designee)
Chair, Kinesiology and Recreation Administration
Advisory Committee Chair: Faculty member elected by the Committee from the membership, for a one-year renewable term
Duties: Serve as a forum for the President and Athletic Director to seek advice and refine ideas and develop or revised policies of the Athletic Department on such subjects as equity compliance, annual budget and the direction and balance of sports that constitute the program.  The IAAC has the authority to review all proposed athletic policies and budgets and to make recommendations to the President and Athletic Director.  The committee will also review the Athletics Grant-in-Aid and Compliance Handbooks and update them as needed.   [revised by IAAC, AY 10/11)
Membership is to be appointed by the President. 
Faculty members and administrators will constitute the voting majority.
Terms are to be staggered to provide continuity.
Type: Administrative
Meetings: Monthly during the academic year; as needed during the summer months