International Programs, Academic Council On (ACIP)


Matthew Derrick

HSU ACIP Representative


Duties: Advisory board to the Chancellor. The ACIP assists the Office of International Programs (OIP) in the development of policies and procedures relating to international educational activities within OIP's assigned areas of responsibility. The ACIP ensures on‑going communication and consultation between the campuses of the CSU and OIP.

Type: California State University
Meetings: At least twice per year
Membership: One member will be appointed by each campus of the CSU according to procedures developed by its local Academic Senate (the HSU representative is appointed by the University Senate Appointments and Elections Committee).  Appointees must be either tenured or tenure track members of the teaching faculty, or hold an academic/administrative appointment, and should have demonstrated their interest in international/intercultural education through personal participation in activities such as:
The CSU International Programs (IP), through advising and selecting student participants
Exchange programs
Campus affiliation with overseas universities
Global education/internationalization of the curriculum
Governance of overseas study programs
Interaction with foreign students
Fulbright, or other international scholarship programs
Other significant overseas experience
Three student members and three alternates will be appointed from the International Programs alumni student body to serve for one year in accordance with selection guidelines established by the ACIP. Student members are not eligible for reappointment.
The period of appointment for members of the ACIP other than student members shall be three academic years. Incumbent members may be reappointed for one additional three‑year term; they may not serve more than six consecutive years. Impending vacancies on the ACIP will be reported to the chairs of the appropriate campus academic senates by October 31 each year. Appointments (and reappointments) of members will be announced by CSU campuses by February 1 of the final year of an appointment, and will become effective on July 1.