University Faculty Personnel Committee (UFPC)


2018/2019 UFPC Roster

CAHSS RepresentativeMarcy Burstiner2019
At-Large RepresentativeNikola Hobbel2019
At-Large RepresentativeJoshua Meisel2020
CNRS RepresentativeRobert Zoellner 2020
CPS RepresentativeChris Aberson- Committee Chair2020

The function of the University Faculty Personnel Committee (UFPC) is to "review recommendations and Working Personnel Action Files (WPAFs) received from lower level peer review committees and make final recommendations regarding Retention, Tenure, and Promotion (RTP) to the President" (Appendix J, Section VII.D.1.). The UFPC also reviews files and makes recommendations for Range Elevation for Unit 3 Temporary Faculty Employees (Appendix K). UFPC recommendations are based on criteria found in Appendix J of the HSU Faculty Handbook and the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

There are five elected faculty on the UFPC: three faculty (one from each of the three colleges) and two "at-large" faculty. Members of the UFPC must be tenured and hold the rank of professor, librarian, or SSP-AR III. Members of the committee are elected by the General Faculty and serve staggered two-year terms. Committee members serve as consultants to faculty colleagues on matters related to RTP and provide informational meetings for the campus community.

Annual Report (2017-18)

Administrative Support Coordinator: Mary Watson: Gist Hall 101, (707) 826-3657