University Senate Meeting Agenda, 3/16/2021

Tuesday, March 2, 2021, 3:00-5:00 pm, Virtual Meeting ID: 970 9341 9142, Meeting Link

 Welcome and Opening Mixers

1.        Announcement of Proxies

2.        Approval of and Adoption of Agenda

3.        Review of Community Participation Options

4.        Approval of Minutes from the Meeting of March 2, 2021

5.        Reports, Announcements, and Communications of the Chair

                    i.   Written report

6.        Consent Calendar from the Integrated Curriculum Committee

                    i.   Instructions for Accessing Curriculog

7.        General Consent Calendar - No items

8.        TIME CERTAIN: 3:15-3:30 PM – Open Forum for the Campus Community

                    i.   Open Forum Procedures

9.        Sense of the Senate Resolution on Celebrating HSU Ethnic Studies Faculty

           Leadership and Future Resourcing (24-20/21-EX - March 16, 2021)

10.       Resolution on Commitments for Faculty Safety

            (19-20/21-APC - March 16, 2021 - Second Reading)

11.       Resolution on Emeritus Policy (20-20/21-FAC - March 16, 2021 - First Reading)

12.       Resolution on Updating the Membership and Terms of the Appointments

            and Elections Committee (21-20/21-CBC - March 16, 2021 - First Reading)

13.       Resolution on Updating Naming Conventions and Typographical

            Errors in Governing Documents (22-20/21-CBC/AEC - March 16, 2021 - First Reading)

 14.      Resolution on the Membership of the RTP Standards Committee - Appendix J

            (23-20/21-EX - March 16, 2021 - First Reading)

15.      TIME CERTAIN: 4:10 PM - Spotlight: Council on American Indian Faculty and Staff (CAIFS)

                 i.    Paula Tripp-Allen, Advisor, Native American Center for Academic Excellence and

                       Indian Teacher and Educational Personnel Program (NCAEC/ITEPP)

                 ii.   Kayla Begay, Professor, Native American Studies

                iii.   Leonardo Canez, Admissions Counselor, Admissions

                iv.   Sasheen Shailee Raymond, Administrative Support, Department of Social Work

16.     TIME CERTAIN: 4:25 PM - Safety and Policing


                 i.   Anthony Morgan, Chief of Police

                 ii.  Rob Keever, Dean of Students Office

                 iii. Juan Guerrero, Environmental Science & Management, AS External Affairs Representative


17.     TIME CERTAIN: 4:30 PM – Polytechnic Self Study - Update & Discussion

          - Interdisciplinary Partnerships and the Role of the Liberal Arts Working Group:

                 i.   Rosamel Benavides-Garb, Interim Dean, CAHSS

                ii.   Matthew Johnson, Director, HSI STEM Grant

          - Facilities and Other Resources Working Group:

                i.     Michael Fisher, Planning Director, Facilities Management

                ii.    Arne Jacobson, Director, Schatz Energy Resource Center

18.        TIME CERTAIN: 4:40 PM – Vaccine and Testing - Presentation and Q&A

                 i.   Sabrina Zink, Specialist, Risk Management and Safety

                ii.   Sherie Gordon, Interim Vice President for Administrative Affairs

19.    Reports of Standing Committees, Statewide Senators, and Ex-officio Members

                    i.   Written reports