University Space and Facilities Advisory Committee (USFAC)

The Academic Year 2023/2024 Space Requests are under review. Please refer to the Space Requests page for details.   

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P15-03 Space Management Policy
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The USFAC is a standing Committee advisory in nature to the Vice President for Administrative Affairs and the University Resources & Planning Committee (URPC). Work done at this level will be utilized to develop recommendations to the URPC for action. 

USFAC Charge: 

  • The Committee’s charge is to act as an advisory body regarding the development and management of the physical environment of the campus where function, aesthetic quality, and physical character are intermixed to create a desirable and inspirational atmosphere for students, faculty and staff.  Includes, but may not be limited to, the assignment of space, building and renovation plans, campus planning and design standards, and the prioritization of minor and major capital requests.  

  • This charge is accomplished through research and development of recommendations associated with plans, policies, procedures and guidelines concerning the administration of the physical campus.  Specifically, the Committee will provide input on the following:

    • University Facilities Master Plan

    • University Five-Year Major Capital Plan

    • University Construction Projects 

    • University-Wide Space Management Policy

    • Campus Planning & Design Standards

    • Campus Projects & Associated Management Processes

    • Building Renovation & Construction Plans (Schematic Level)

    • Alteration of the Campus Grounds (Schematic Level)

    • Other Areas of Study as Designated by the President


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