Student Grievance Committee

VacantStudent Grievance Coordinator 
Tani SebroFaculty, CAHSS2023
Mark RizzardiFaculty, CNRS2024
Christopher WalmsleyFaculty, CPS2024
Vickie ThornburghStaff2023
Montel FloydUndergraduate Student2022
VacantUndergraduate Student 
VacantGraduate Student 
Carmen Bustos-WorksVice Provost, Ex-Officio 
NOTE: The Grade Appeal Committee is a subcommittee of the Student Grievance Committee.
See: Resolution to Revise the University’s Grade Appeal Policy (25-21/22-UPC - April 12, 2022); and
Resolution Establishing the Grade Appeal Committee as a subcommittee of the Student Grievance Committee (26-21/22-CBC - April 12, 2022).
Three faculty, one from each college, appointed by the Appointments and Elections Committee (3-year staggered terms)
Three students (preferably one graduate student), appointed by the Associated Students (1-year terms)
One staff member, appointed by the President (3-year term)
One Student Grievance Coordinator, appointed by the President (3-year term)
Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies.
Duties: Deals with grievances regarding academic issues and other issues not related to discrimination or misconduct.  (See UML 00-01)
Chair: Elected annually from among faculty and staff members; also applies to Vice Chair, who serves in place of chair if absent or if chair has conflict of interest.
Type: University
Meetings: As needed