HSU ERFSA Faculty Awards

The HSU Emeritus & Retired Faculty & Staff Association accepts applications for cash awards to support the professional development of junior faculty who have demonstrated outstanding promise. These awards, which are intended to supplement other assistance, are open to lecturers and tenure track faculty.

Preference will be given to applicants who have not received an award before.

Proposals may relate to teaching effectiveness, scholarly or creative activity, or service to the University or the community.
Your application should include: a completed coversheet (page two of the above document); a brief account of past professional work; a short description of how a proposed project will contribute to further professional development and eventual achievement of tenure; and a description of other forms of professional support, including financial support, offered or denied by other sources. Applications may be up to three [3] pages long.
Awards of up to $1000 each will be made upon evaluations of the applicant’s prior work and on the relationship of the proposal to further professional development. Even small awards are competitive. Preference is generally given to work that applies to two or more aspects of the tenure evaluation, e.g. research proposals and submission of papers with student involvement or requests for teaching materials and equipment often are given preference over a faculty member’s individual performance or solo presentation of a paper at a professional conference.
Funding can be requested for services, fees, materials, or travel.

HSU ERFA is no longer accepting applications for the 2019 awards cycle.

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2019 ERFA Faculty Award Recipients:

Allison Bronson, Department of Biological Sciences

Ellery Ames, Department of Mathematics

Janelle Adsit, Department of English

Jasper Oshun, Department of Geology

Loren Cannon, Department of Philosophy & CRGS




(Left to right: John Schafer, Jasper Oshun, Janelle Adsit, Loren Cannon, Ellery Ames, Allison Bronson, Bernadette Cheynne)

If you have questions about the annual ERFA Faculty Awards, please contact ERFA coordinator, Emeritus Professor John Schafer.