University Resources and Planning Committee (URPC)

Co-Chair, Provost & VP for Academic Affairs

Ex-officioJenn CappsOffice of Academic Affairs                     

Co-Chair Faculty Senator     

2023   James WoglomDepartment of Art


2025Amy SprowlesDepartment of Biological Sciences


2025Jaime LancasterSchool of Business


2023Nicole Jean HillDepartment of Art





2023Arlene Wynn

College of Natural Resouces and Sciences

Dean Representative

Two-year apptShawna YoungDean, College of Professional Studies 

VP for Administration and Finance

Ex-officioSherie GordonOffice of Administration and Finance

VP for Enrollment Management

Ex-officioPeggy MetzgerOffice of Enrollment Management

VP for University Advancement

Ex-officioFrank WhitlatchUniversity Advancement


2023Giovanni GuerreroAssociated Students


2023VacantAssociated Students
Membership History
3 Faculty members (w/preference given to Faculty Senators), appointed by AEC
1 Academic Dean, appointed by the President
Vice President, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs (or designee)
Vice President, Administrative Affairs (or designee)
Vice President, University Advancement (or designee)
2 Staff delegates, appointed by AEC, w/preference given to staff senators
2 Student delegates, appointed by Associated Students

Advisors, Non-voting: 

University Budget Director
Budget Analyst from each Division
Terms of appointed and elected positions shall be 2 years.
Duties: See Senate Bylaws, Section 11.3
Co-Chairs: Faculty Senator, elected by the University Senate, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Type: Standing Committee of the University Senate
Meetings: As needed