University Resources and Planning Committee (URPC)

Co-Chair, Provost & VP for Academic Affairs

Ex-officioJenn CappsOffice of Academic Affairs                     

Co-Chair Faculty Senator     

2021   James WoglomDepartment of Art


2022Stephanie BurkhalterDepartment of Politics


2021Monty MolaDepartment of Physics and Astronomy


2022Jill AndersonDepartment of Kinesiology & Recreation Administration


2021James WoglomDepartment of Art



Anthony Baker    

College of Natural Resouces and Sciences 


2021Arlene WynnDeprtment of Athletics

Dean Representative

Two-year apptShawna YoungDean, College of Professional Studies 

Interim VP for Administration and Finance

Ex-officioSherie GordonOffice of Administration and Finance

VP for Enrollment Management

Ex-officioJason MeriwetherOffice of Enrollment Management

VP for University Advancement

Ex-officioFrank WhitlatchUniversity Advancement


2021Jeremiah FinleyAssociated Students


2021VacantAssociated Students
3 Faculty members (w/preference given to Faculty Senators), appointed by AEC
1 Academic Dean, appointed by the President
Vice President, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs (or designee)
Vice President, Administrative Affairs (or designee)
Vice President, University Advancement (or designee)
2 Staff delegates, appointed by AEC, w/preference given to staff senators
2 Student delegates, appointed by Associated Students

Advisors, Non-voting: 

University Budget Director
Budget Analyst from each Division
Terms of appointed and elected positions shall be 2 years.
Duties: See Senate Bylaws, Section 11.3
Co-Chairs: Faculty Senator, elected by the University Senate, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Type: Standing Committee of the University Senate
Meetings: As needed