Instructionally Related Activities Committee (IRA)

Faculty Representatives

Susan Bloom
Faculty Representative
Stephen Nachtigal
Faculty Representative
Garrick Woods
Faculty Representative
Sandy WieckowskiAdministrator Representative2020 
Duties: Advise the President regarding both level of fee and allocation of fee revenue. Additionally, this committee reviews the intercollegiate athletics budget proposal from the Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory Committee prior to its submission to the President. The committee shall work within the confines of the Chancellor's Executive Order relating to instructionally related activities fee and BA letters of instruction coming from the Chancellor's Office.
Chair: Associated Students President (or designee)
Type: Administrative
Meetings: Weekly during budgetary process
An equal number of students (five), appointed by the Associated Students President according to established campus procedures, and an equal number of faculty (3) and administration (2) combined (five), appointed by the President of the University after appropriate consultation, for one year terms.
Ex Officio
Nonvoting: Director, Athletics, Associated Students General Manager, Vice President, Student Affairs