Guidelines for Writing Resolutions

  • All resolutions should be typed single space in 12pt Calibri Font.  
  • All margins (top, bottom, left, right) must be one inch.
  • WHEREAS and RESOLVED and RATIONALE phrases must be in bold and all caps.
  • WHEREAS and RESOLVED and RATIONALE phrases must be follwed by a colon. 
  • The title of the resolution must appropriately reflect the intent. Resolutions begin with "Whereas" statements, which provides the basic facts and reasons for the resolution, and conclude with "Resolved" statements which, identifies the specific proposal for the requestor's course of action.  
  • Whereas Statements: Background or "Whereas" information provides the rationale for the "resolved" course of action. The whereas statement(s) should lead the reader to your conclusion (resolved).  In writing whereas statements begin by introducing the topic of the resolution. Be factual rather than speculative and provide or reference statistics whenever possible. The statements should briefly identify the problem, advise the timeliness or urgency of the problem, the effect of the issue, and indicate if the action called for is contrary to or will revise current Humboldt policy.
  • Structure
    WHEREAS, The ... (text of the first preamble clause);
    WHEREAS, ... (text of the next to the last preamble clause); and
    WHEREAS, ... (text of the last preamble clause); now, therefore, be it
  • Resolved Statemets: Resolve statements are the only parts of a resolution that the University Senate act upon. ;Each Resolved clause must contain an actionable request and makes sense when read alone, since the Resolved clause represents the policy that will be adopted. Thus, Resolved clauses should each be a single sentence in length.
  • Structure
    RESOLVED, That ... (stating action to be taken); 
    RESOLVED, That ... (stating further action to be taken); and 
    RESOLVED, That ... (stating the last action to be taken).
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