Sexual Assault Prevention Committee

Maxwell Schnurer Committee Co-Chair
Kim Berry Committee Co-Chair
Mira Friedman Health Education
Lori Brown Counseling
Steve Kinder Intercollegiate Athletics Representative
  Staff, Residence Life
  Greek Council
Mary Sue Savage Check It
Donn Peterson University Police Department
Paula Arrowsmith Jones North Coast Rape Crisis
Terra Emerson North Coast Rape Crisis
Ben Witt Student Conduct
Jennifer Eichstedt Faculty, Office of Diversity & Inclusion
Vacant Student
Vacant Student
Residence Life (one staff/one student appointed by Housing Director)
Representative, Office of Diversity and Compliance
Counseling and Psychological Services, appointed by Director, Counseling and Psychological Services
Health Center, appointed by Director, Health Center
UPD representative
Student Affairs representative, appointed by Vice President for Student Affairs
Athletics (faculty or staff) representative, appointed by Athletic Director
Greek Council (one student) appointed by Greek Council
Women's Center (one student) appointed by the Women=s Center
Two General Faculty, appointed by the Senate Appointments Committee
Two students, appointed by Associated Students
North Coast Rape Crisis Team (community appointment by the agency)
Representative, Anti-Bias/Anti-Hate               
Membership may also be expanded to include other offices or persons whose expertise might be of benefit to the Committee.  Other campus and community resource individuals may be invited periodically to meetings. Terms are for two years. (For additional information regarding this committee refer to Executive Memorandum P98-7)
Duties: Coordinates educational programs for the campus community that help prevent the occurrence of rape, acquaintance rape, and other forms of sexual violence; advises the Vice President for Student Affairs about campus policies and procedures that better support the prevention of rape, acquaintance rape, and other forms of sexual violence among the campus community, including treatment and information for its victims. (Executive Memorandum P98-7)
Chair: Elected by committee membership
Type: Administrative
Meetings: At least three times per term