Appointments and Elections Committee (AEC)

Faculty, Committee Chair
2021Kayla BegayDepartment of Native American Studies
Faculty2021Jeffrey Abell Department of Oceanography
Staff2021Patrick MalloyDepartment of Music
Student2021VacantAssociated Students
Provost & VP for Academic AffairsEx-officioJenn CappsOffice of Academic Affairs
GF President/Senate ChairEx-officioMary VirnocheDepartment of Social Work
Chair of the University Senate/President, General Faculty
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
2 Faculty members
1 Staff member (recommended by Staff Council)
1 Student member (recommended by Associated Students)
Terms of appointment shall be 1 year.
Duties: Oversees the appointments and elections for the University Senate, General Faculty, Senate Standing Committees, Faculty positions on University committees and other duties as outlined in the Senate Bylaws, Section 11.5.
Chair: The Chair shall be a member of the Committee selected by the Committee
Type: Standing Committee of the University Senate