Department/Unit RTP Criteria & Standards

Committee on Faculty RTP Criteria and Standards

Approved Department/Unit RTP Criteria and Standards

The Committee on Faculty RTP Criteria and Standards was approved by the General Faculty (Nov., 2012) (Senate Resolution #37-11/12-FAC).  The Committee will provide a mechanism for approval of new department/unit RTP criteria and standards as well as provide a mechanism for the revision of existing approved standards.  It will ensure that department unit RTP criteria and standards are in alignment with university standards and criteria as specified in Appendix J.  (See Appendix J, Section XI, A.1. for more details)

The members of the committee will be 1 Dean (or designee) from each College, 6 Faculty with tenure (at least 1 from each College, with preference given to faculty with experience at the UFPC or CPC level), and the AVP for Faculty Affairs.