Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association Luncheons

ERFA Luncheons

All retired HSU faculty, tenured faculty and lecturers vested in CalPERS, are invited to attend the monthly luncheon programs held at noon on the second Tuesday of the month at the Plaza Grill (Upper Floor) in Arcata. The cost of the luncheon is $15.00 per person (includes beverage, tax, and tip), and spouses, guests, and friends are welcome. Coffee (free) will be available at 11:40 AM. before the luncheon. Come early and have an opportunity to visit with old and new friends.

In an effort to reduce costs and paper usage, one mailing per semester will be sent via USPS announcing the upcoming luncheon schedule and scheduled presenters. Monthly reminders will be sent via email thereafter. Note: To help defray the postage and materials costs, the annual dues are $20.00. Checks should be made payable to: HSU Emeritus & Retired Faculty Association and sent to the University Senate Office, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA 95521. You may also pay your dues at the luncheon meeting.

If you would like to request to be added or removed from the mailing list, please send an email to Jeff Borgeld (jcb2@jhumboldt.edu) or call the University Senate Office (707-826-3657). All retired and emeritus faculty are automatically added to the ERFA mailing list. Luncheon notices are sent to local zip codes only, unless requested otherwise. If you wish to receive the notices via email, send your name and email to the University Senate Office.


Fall 2019 ERFA Luncheon Schedule and Presenters

12 September 2019: “Bridging the Gap and Becoming the Generation of Change” a presentation and discussion with Jessica Coming, Fisheries Biology Technician, Bureau of Land Management.

This talk will cover topics of current watershed research being done throughout Humboldt Coun-ty, and where our profound scientific findings are being lost in translation. We will begin a conver-sation about the chasm between scientists and citizens, and cover the different ways we can help 'bridge the gap', and take individual action to safeguarding our future on Earth.


10 October 2019: Scientific Applications of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) at Humboldt State University, a presentation and discussion with Dave Marshall, IT Consultant and Computer Science/Mathematics Faculty 

This presentation will cover UAS history at HSU.  Some faculty and departments have started to integrate UAS in the classroom for geoscience and environmental research. A number of HSU faculty have completed training and are now FAA part 107 Remote Pilots. This has been a 5-year journey, which began with an $18,000 grant from the HSU Loyalty Fund, and has shown tremendous promise in providing high spatial and temporal data resolutions in a cost-effective way.


14 November 2019: A Numerical Study of Galactic Morphology a presentation and discussion with Ellery Ames, Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics and 2019 ERFA award recipient.

Galaxies consist of billions of stars, dust, and dark matter particles all interacting via the gravitational force. The result is the amazing variety of galaxies in all shapes and sizes. In this project we seek to computationally model some of this variety using a kinetic model, and to investigate and compare their properties such as rotation curves.


12 December 2019: The Darwin, Lyell and Hooker Meeting That Never Was, a presentation and discussion with Tom Jones, Emeritus Professor of History

From children's books and prize-winning adult novels, coffee table books and professional book reviews through museum guides, museum displays and Cold War diplomatic moves and the writings of world-renowned biologists, Professor Jones reviews the history of the telling of a tale that never happened, traces the tale to its source and speculates on the future prospect of its ever being put to rest.